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Patchwork Lichen

Fighting for their place in the sun, a patchwork of Map Lichen spreads across a small rock on the shores of Killbear Provincial Park on Georgian Bay. The black lines bordering each patch release spores for reproduction. Although this amazing little organism only grows in low pollution environments it can survive the vacuum of space! In a NASA experiment, map lichen was exposed in space for over two weeks without showing signs of damage. Lichenometry is a method used in archaeology, palaeontology, and geomorphology to determine how long a rock has been exposed to the environment. Amazingly this method is thought to be accurate for dating rock location and exposure up to 10,000 years using the size of the patch! Using macro photography, Damon is able to show the very fine texture, colour and detail of this amazing organism. This abstracted art piece has been printed up to 6 feet wide with impressive detail.