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Macro Photography Gallery By Damon Clarke

Explore, match and print original modern art from our exclusive macro gallery collection. Bring your walls to life with stunningly beautiful original photography.

About the artist

Damon Clarke uses macrophotography to reveal the beauty and intricate details of nature for everyone to enjoy. He is recognized internationally for his work which is on display in private, corporate and hospitality collections throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. Damon's work can also be found in print ranging from magazines and corporate advertising to school text books and National Geographic Kids. Damon has been nominated for the prestigious International Color Award's Photography Master's Cup for Wildlife Photographer Of The Year.

Damon strives to capture the beauty, emotion and personality of his miniature subjects. As he reveals "I try to capture poignancy and gesture in my subjects. I want to connect people to the small world that is all around us and remind them of the smaller beauty that is so often missed. I try to bring happiness, awe or quiet contemplation into peoples lives." In his work, form, depth, colour and light interplay to create striking imagery of classical composition. Each piece is hand printed using modern and traditional museum grade materials and techniques.

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